10 best places to stay in Romania during your trip here

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Plan your summer escape, give us a call, pack your bags, gas up the car, and hit the road to visit these stunning Romanian places for accommodation.

It’s summer or winter, doesn’t really matter. It’s time to pack your bags and start traveling. We all dream of a house with sea view, an isolated cabin in the mountains. It represents a life in harmony with nature, away from everyday stress. But what if you could combine those two?

So we’ve set you up a list of 10 best places to stay in Romania during your visit. They are a perfect match for adventure seekers, nature lovers and for those who love authentic places and are eager to have a traditional experience in Romanian houses and make the best of their trip.

Plan your summer escape or autumn break? Give us a call, pack your bags and let us do the rest. You just sit and relax. Prepare to hit the road to visit these stunning places to stay in Romania.

The Village Hotel


This boutique hotel accommodation is located in Breb Village, Maramures, the place of the last remaining peasant culture in Romania, hidden at the foot of Gutai Mountains. This traditional accommodation has 3 private villas and one house. All the rooms are designed following the traditional motifs, in a colorful and cheerful way using Romanian carpets, bed sheets, pillowcases, immaculate tablecloths and even curtains. You can eat traditional meals in cottages, at wooden tables, in clay pots in your own kitchen or on the porch.

Polizu Manor


Located on one of the gently-sloping hills from Moldavia, it is perhaps the only place in Romania that really brings to life a glimpse of the atmosphere of nobility patriarchal life from the XIX century. It has a tumultuous history being destroyed by the communists who burnt the library with its 25 000 volumes, they also used the house for storage and even as a barn. The beauty of the place was preserved or better said it was restored after many years of hard work and dedication and it’s the credit of its rightful heir who managed to bring the glow of the old times back.

Polizu Manor was the cottage and farmhouse of Ghika family and it had almost 1000 hectares. Now it has a beautiful park of 50 hectares with fruit trees. The served dishes are cooked using ingredients from their own garden, animals are grown on the field, and even the honey belongs to the manor. The salamis, ham, the various homemade cheeses, eggs, green nut jams, the butter house make up the breakfast that you can enjoy with a cup of coffee made in a traditional coffee pot.

The Machine House Zabala


Count Mikes Estate Zabola – The Machine House is located in a scenic area 6 km from Covasna. It is a guesthouse built on a private domain with an area of 500 ha, which includes a meadow and a forest. There are 2 lakes, four fishing ponds, and a sauna. It’s 1-hour drive from Lacul Sf Ana (Saint Ana Lake), the only volcanic lake in Romania.

If you are looking for tranquility, authenticity, or a guest house and a hint of magic, this is the place to be.

Pension Kalnoky Miclosoara


Kalnoky – Prince Charles’ Guesthouse from Miclosoara, as well as the whole village, maintains the characteristics of old Transylvania and the harmony between man and nature. The pension is composed of old country houses that are carefully restored and furnished in the Szekelys traditional style. The construction of Kalnoky castle begun in the 1500s as a hunting family mansion and contains many Renaissance elements. The castle was abandoned for 50 years, but now it is completely inhabitable.

An old story says that in the XII century, a Szekelys named Kalnoky saved the life of the Hungarian king during a hunt, killing with an arrow a bear who wanted to attack the sovereign. The monarch offered him as gratitude the estate from Miclosoara and ennobled him.

Viscri 125


The rooms keep the authenticity of the Saxon style. The reproduction of the atmosphere of old times is preserved by the solid furniture and the specific details of Saxon spirit, along with the hand weaved carpets and natural materials that help you unwind and re-live the peacefulness.

When you arrive here is feels like home. The food is delicious and the beauty of the place gives you a nice feeling that doesn’t let you go. The fact that the village is part of the UNESCO patrimony gives you the opportunity to explore its natural side.

Casa Georgius Krauss

Casa Georgius Krauss

Dating back from 1600, the building is a historic monument with heritage value, included in the UNESCO list. Its recognition was celebrated during the German week in 2007 “400 years Georgius Krauss”, symbolized by a plaque located in the building.

Located near the central square, the boutique hotel offers stunning designed rooms with original fresco, solid wood furniture, and unique hand carved decorations, a restaurant, and 2 terraces. One of the most impressive rooms is the „painted room”.

Apafi Manor


Above the small village of Malancrav in Transylvania, the Apafi Manor has been receiving guests in its exemplarily restored rooms, becoming a standard for the recovery and protection of local heritage architecture.

The rooms have traditional furniture made by local craftsmen, traditional stoves restored, transformed auxiliary areas for relaxation, folk decor elements (hand-woven carpets, embroidered pillowcases, chests and ceramic pots) alongside modern elements (such as bathrooms in every room), all aimed to promote the rural tourism, and a type of architecture that calls for respect for local traditions and buildings history. Nevertheless, the library remains the central space of the manor.

Brukenthal Palace Avrig


Once called “the Transylvania Eden Garden”, this baroque estate was built by Governor Samuel von Brukenthal on the model of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna between 1780 and 1785. Today only decorated ceilings recall the luxury of the old times. Its area, over 20 hectares, has been designed following the model of the French gardens with fountains, an exquisite staircase and several alleys, vases, benches, stone statues, and an orangery, palm trees, almond trees, nutmeg, melons, pineapple. Brukenthal Palace from Avrig has one of the most beautiful parks, organized in terraces and it has a mixture of different landscaping styles. The Palace has a large number of guestrooms, activities and living spaces.

Reveria Guesthouse


Located in in Alma Vii, the guesthouse is a place to relax and unwind. The name is pretty explanatory as Reveria means Reverie. It is a place made with love, good taste and painstakingly. Not to mention that the goodies from the pantry are a delight. Here you can truly experience rural Romania, the countryside life and the natural beauty of the country.

Every house and courtyard from Alma Vii has a distinctive color. Every side is decorated with the family crest or a proverb and a date recalling an event in the history of the building. Reveria guesthouse has a beautiful shade of blue, so you can spot it right away.

Hadar chalet


It is a luxury cottage where you can enjoy a sublime life, close to nature. This is often found in the most famous ski resorts in the Alps. And now in Romania. Its area of 60 hectares offers you many opportunities: outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees, paths through orchards, relaxing areas, field sports, games room, swing, sun loungers perfect for lazing around in the fresh air, the forest and the road that goes alongside the river.

There is no mobile signal from any Romanian mobile operator. But that’s great, I might say because you are on vacation and you should enjoy your time here. For emergencies and for those who want to be found, Hadar Chalet offers a landline which has a satellite connection. Also in the public areas and in some of the rooms, you have free WIFI Internet access.

As a sign of farewell, I’ll tell you a secret. Castelul de Lut Valea Zanelor is another stunning place to stay in Romania. Unfortunately, it’s not currently ready to receive guests, but they are working hard to finish it. It is a fairy place (as the name says it – the Clay Castle from the Fairies Valley) built with a lot of passion and hard work by a skilled family with good taste and attracted to beauty. This summer, here, a restaurant is expected to be opened.