A trip in Romania that'll give you a real adrenaline rush

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Are you looking to step out of your routine and get an adrenaline rush? A holiday in Romania can bring all the excitement you need!

Adrenaline rush activities: rafting, climbing, canyoning, caving, kayaking, paragliding and bungee jumping: you can try them all in Romania. All these sports were born out of man’s desire to compete with nature and Romania outdoors continues to surprise, in this respect.

Spring is the best season for rafting, as snow-melt makes the waters high and tumultuous. Rafting in Romania can be practiced both by amateurs on smaller rivers surrounded by beautiful landscapes, but also by professionals, who can encounter level breaks of 1 to 3 meters.

The Carpathian mountains are known for their wildness. However, a group of passionate climbers managed to set up safe tracks for via ferrata. There are many areas accessible only to experienced climbers, with several degrees of difficulty.

Waterfalls, rivers, cliffs and lots of adrenaline: this is canyoning in short. All these obstacles await in remote areas in the Carpathians, well-known by seasoned local guides.

Romania has over 12,000 caves, some of them still waiting to be explored on trails which take you to a mysterious, hidden world.

The best place to practice kayaking is the Danube Delta Reserve, the numerous channels being an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature and watch the bird colonies.

Adrenaline Rush in Romania

Adrenaline rush – The best spot

Like many other extreme sports, paragliding is possible only in appropriate locations. Usually, the areas around mountain resorts, offering spectacular views on the Carpathians, are best suited for paragliding in Romania for paragliding in Romania. Transfagarasan, Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘world’s best road, will offer you the best adrenaline rush and a spectacular view over Transylvania. It’s the most beautiful paragliding spot in the country.

Benefiting from two bungee jumping facilities that made it to the European top 10, bungee enthusiasts can find their share of extreme sensations. The first site is 166 m high, it was built next to a lake and is the second highest in Europe. The other one ranks the fourth, it’s 140 m high and is set up in a gorge with a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Wild Carpathian Mountains

Wild Carpathian Mountains

In winter, the wolves migrate down from the frozen Carpathian mountains and prowl the snow-covered, wooded hills beyond our farmhouse – usually just out of […]

Danube Delta
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Danube Delta

From its sources in the German forests, the Danube travels over 2800 km, passing through four European capitals before flowing into the Black Sea through the most beautiful and best preserved delta in Europe.

Danube Delta