Customize your tour in Romania for the perfect vacation

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A customized holiday created especially for you, gives you the possibility of choosing exactly what you do, when and especially whom with.

Since Romania offers so many interesting places to explore, so many engaging things to do, choosing the appropriate type of holiday is very important. A customised tour to your needs is more likely to exceed your expectations. This is why, whether you are an art history aficionado or only wish to visit the tourist sights belonging to a certain artistic trend, whether you simply like being outdoors or are interested in observing the wild animals, we provide the ideal holiday. A custom-tailored vacation, designed by you, gives you the choice of the places to visit, the activities you are interested in or the type of accommodation, means of transport, or other services that you consider important.

Customised Tour in Romania

Factors to take into consideration when planning your customised tour in Romania

Personalized duration: Longer or shorter holiday package
Special itinerary: Based in different regions or multi-region
Customized group: With a larger or smaller group size – self-drive vs coach holiday
Tailor-made accommodation: The hotel category ( from 3* or 4* to first or deluxe hotels)
Meals included or not
Custom menu: If you desire any particular type of cuisine
More or less visits
More or less experiences

After deciding upon these basic terms, we can add our personal touch to your fully customised holiday in Romania and advice you about what trip suits you best:

For families, we recommend a customised trip into the Transylvanian villages or up north, in the Bukovina region, where nature and tradition meet to bring you calm and joy.

For couples, we recommend a romantic escape to Iasi in a City Break.

For single travellers, we imagine adventure would be the key word. They can experience a wide range of activities, from rafting on the most exciting river routes, to hiking & trekking or even cycling in the Carpathians.

No matter your questions and suggestions, feel free to contact us!