Cycling in Romania | A trip to enjoy the alluring landscapes

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If you want to enjoy the fantastic Romanian landscapes, book a cycling holiday and take your friends along in an adventure through the Carpathians forests!

If you’re in search of a dynamic, challenging holiday, practising cycling in Romania is a one-of-a-kind experience. You can pause anytime in your itinerary to enjoy the people or places. Take a closer look at Romania, notice the people, decipher the smiles of children waving at you and get used to the warm greetings of Transylvanian country dwellers. Take time to marvel at the hidden, unspoilt beauty of the Carpathians, enjoy spots and trails off the beaten track, climb the highest hills for panoramic views on the surroundings, cycle along rivers or virgins forests in the heart of the Carpathians. All these and more, on a thrilling holiday! If you prefer an itinerary including tourist objectives, you’ll find marked hiking trails and scenic pathways.

Cycling in Romania

If you’d like to bike your way around Romania, in an exciting holiday, you can do so anytime from April through October. You’ll be assisted by a professional guide directing you to the most rewarding bike trails.

Wild Carpathian Mountains

Wild Carpathian Mountains

In winter, the wolves migrate down from the frozen Carpathian mountains and prowl the snow-covered, wooded hills beyond our farmhouse – usually just out of […]

The natural treasures of Romania Wildlife
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The natural treasures of Romania Wildlife

What Europe has lost, Romania is now trying to preserve in wild areas which shelter most of the lynxes, wolves and bears living in Europe