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In Romania we often say that “first impression counts”, and that goes for the fashion style as well

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist says a famous quote.

This is why each country will have something specific in terms of how its inhabitants are dressed. In the last 10 years we can actually speak of a trend in the big cities. There is a rush for fashion brands, so shopping has sort of become a hobby and an addiction. For instance, Calea Victoriei Boulevard in Bucharest hosts famous designer brands, as well as several local fashion designers, who are appreciated even at Hollywood. The shopping centers – mostly malls – look impressive, nothing unlike other European capitals. And as a first impression, fashionable people are everywhere: in parks, supermarkets, on the streets, in unusual places which surprise by elegance and beauty. But old habits die hard. Even after the fall of communism one can still come across stores exhibiting out-of-date merchandise. So shopping in Romania is a must.

Shopping in Romania – Top Malls

AFI Palace Cotroceni – is one of the largest malls in Bucharest. It has a lot to offer, from top brand names to other kind of attractions like the IMAX cinema or the ice skating rink (open year round). It has even an indoor roller coaster and a children’s funfair.


Plaza Romania – is one of the top malls in Bucharest with an interesting story. Its construction is based on an uncompleted hunger circus abandoned after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu (Romania’s leader during the communist period) . With a generous structure characterized by a large center completed by two new wing structures, this mall has a multitude of stores. Besides this, there are enough facilities to satisfy everyone’s tastes: leisure areas, a hypermarket, cinemas, a bowling alley, a fitness centre and a food court.


Baneasa Shopping City – This mall is designed by a Spanish architect. It hosts shopping galleries with no less than 200 stores. This mall also includes a cinema, a famous furniture store, a large hypermarket. One interesting aspect is that the structure is located near the green area of Herastrau, a very popular park in Bucharest.


Palas Mall (Iasi)  is a mall located in the historic core of the city, near the Palace of Culture. The PALAS ensemble is a “city in the heart of the city”. Focused on the concept of “lifestyle center” PALAS includes shopping mall, shopping street, event halls, a hotel 4 *, Class A office buildings, underground parking lot with 2,500 parking spaces, parks and green spaces. All built on an area of over 270,000 square meters.



Iulius Mall Timisoara – is the biggest shopping center in Timișoara with over 66,500 square meters, over 330 national and international brands, 2,500 parking spaces, food court with a capacity of 1,700 people, multiplex cinema with 7 rooms, bowling and billiards club, seasonal skating rink, swimming pool, playground for children, casino, cafes and restaurants. Iulius Mall Timisoara impresses with its original architecture, the diversity of brands and countless opportunities for relaxation and fun.


Polus Center Cluj  has an area of 61,000 square meters, 200 stores, 2,500 parking spaces and 8 multiple cinemas. In 2007, when it was built, on Polus’ construction site were discovered important artifacts from both prehistoric and Dacian period.


Shopping City Sibiu – is 2008 was considered the largest mall from Transylvania, having an area of 12 hectares. It is the largest shopping center from the city.


Maritimo Shopping Center – is located in Constanta. It has over 130 stores, an attractive area of restaurants and caffee places, leisure facilities and entertainment activities, a multiplex cinema with 8 rooms, a fitness center, squash and billiard area. The original planned name was Polus Center shopping center.