Horse riding in Romania | Mount on an unforgettable holiday

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Mount on a horse and set out on an unforgettable horseback holiday in the Carpathian’s garden, along with friendly and reliable horses! Romania can be discovered in a different way, on a rhythm that’s closer to nature, to the local people and their history.

Your horse riding adventure may start here, in Romania, horse riding through remote villages in the heart of the Carpathians, crossing canyons bordered by steep cliffs towering a hundred meters above until you reach the “Lost World”. The area is thus named because of the virgin woods, rather inaccessible, under which lies a network of caves and subterranean rivers. There are numerous tracks that appeal to horseback holiday lovers, some of the most spectacular being in the Apuseni mountains natural reserve. Up there you can ride at over 1200 m above, on a plateau dotted by small pools of water reflecting the colors of the sky.

Horse riding in Romanian with pure-blood horses



The huţul is the only Romanian pure-blood horse. It seems that the ancestor of the huţul is a species of a wild horse called tarpan, that used to inhabit the area around the Black Sea. The huţul horse is wiry and can work from morning till night. The zone between the hoof and the wrist is very short. This feature allows the horse to easily climb mountains, no matter how bad the way is. In addition, the hoof is small and very hard, so this animal doesn’t need horseshoes. Today in Romania pure-blood hutuls are grown in Bukovina region, to a huge expanse of pasture woodland located near the border with Ukraine.

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Rural Romania – The best preserved rural areas in Europe

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