Luxury travel in Romania | Exclusiveness and refinement

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Hidden from sight and dedicated to a limited number of privileged people, the high-class facilities in Romania are not that easily accessible

In the past, the exclusive sites were dedicated to the aristocracy who, together with the royal family, animated the atmosphere of the 19th and 20th centuries, a period also known as – la belle époque. Later, these facilities were preferred by the entourage of the leaders of the Communist Party and became authentic oases of luxury and extravagance. Today, they show a new perspective on what used to be intended only for the elites. That’s how luxury travel in Romania was born. In well-chosen locations, luxury is explored to the very last detail which can make your holiday in Romania unforgettable.

Luxury travel in Romania

The facilities of a luxury travel package in Romania combine elements such as:


The best locations, well-known hotels all over the world set in historical buildings or even nobiliary palaces, surrounded by fine parks and gardens. Here you will have an original experience and will meet passionate people who succeed in maintaining the spirit of forgotten times.


The spirit of a country can be best enjoyed through its artistic values, which can be admired during exquisite cultural events that uncover the symbols of Romanian art, in special settings.


For the experts, every detail becomes important. If you want to discover the most interesting and authentic places in Romania, you should choose the assistance provided by permanent tourist consultants and professional guides.