Nightlife in Bucharest - Prepare to party until sunrise

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Bucharest is a young, thriving city that offers a wide array of entertainment opportunities and countless leisure activities.

Bucharest is a young, thriving city that offers a wide array of entertainment opportunities and countless leisure activities. Throw in the dynamic clubbing scene, and here’s a capital that starts to win an enviable place among other European capitals!

The promise Bucharest nightlife makes to its visitors is that of an unforgettable experience: more than 1000 places have opened their doors to welcome tourists and travelers. Urban-adventure seekers will have a hard time choosing from the countless temptations: clubs, discos, bars, pubs, lounge bars and cafés and even exclusive boutique nightclubs. The most popular entertainment area is Bucharest’s old town, the historical center whose outstanding architecture and winding cobblestone streets make up a labyrinth of history, culture and fun.

Nightlife in Bucharest

The diversity of venues, activities and events is rivaled only by the variety of the music or the dancing scene. Local DJs, festivals, concerts. All you have to do is get ready for the lively atmosphere of Bucharest’s nightlife!

If you’re in Bucharest just for a few days, it’s good to know that while the partying and clubbing scene is in full swing at the weekend, week days can also provide opportunities to chill out and have fun. Be part of the crazy nightlife in Bucharest.

Why Nightlife in Bucharest is great

There are a lot of great clubbing places that combine luxurious and high class, beautiful girls, great music and atmosphere. Every night is magical, where you can experience live performances, famous DJs around the world, club concerts, tasty drinks and cheap prices. And speaking about that, nightlife in Bucharest is quite cheap. You can find clubs and pubs where you need to pay an entrace fee. This means no more than 5 Euros per person. You can buy a drink with 2-4 Euros and a cocktail with 4-5 Euros.

What to come to Romania and have a nightlife experience, book a tour and discover these great clubs:

Chaboo – Chaboo is an exclusive club, famous for its extravagant parties. Club Chaboo is a standard of fun in Bucharest.

Fratelli – is one of the best known name when it comes to nightlife in Bucharest and not only. This place is a landmark for great music, brought by some of the best DJs.

BOA-Beat of Angels – is a club with a unique concept, sound and light system. It coveres most styles and tastes and you can be present to themed concerts and shows with house, techno, modern music.

Bellagio Club – is an exclusive club in Bucharest, a multicultural place with an artistic mosaic. It delights their customers with fashion snows of the most renowned fashion designers from Romania and abroad, private parties, concerts and so much more.

Bamboo – With a name known in Europe, Bamboo Club Bucharest is perfect for nightlife and entertainment in Bucharest due to its unique events.

Gaia Boutique Club – retains for more than 8 years, the reputation of the most extravagant and unique club in the capital.


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