Romanian crafts - authentic masterpieces

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In an era of utter industrialization, handmade objects are becoming rare.

So it is no wonder that some Romanian crafts previously used to make these objects, combining good taste with usefulness, could be easily forgotten. Despite all these, there are still places where crafts managed to survive technological progress, to astonish and render the closeness between man and natural elements: earth, wood, water, and fire.

In Bukovina, the local spiritual treasure is revealed through the craft of dying and adorning Easter eggs with unique forms and symbols which are considered authentic masterpieces. They are even appreciated by museums all over the world. Eggs are painted with infinite patience, with tens and hundreds of lines that follow an almost mechanical symmetry. Then are brought to church on the first day of Easter, in order to be blessed by the priests.

In the neighboring region of Maramureş, wood carving is the most widespread craft. Here and there, one finds impressive wooden gates which demonstrate the social position and the artistry of the craftsman. Among the details of the carvings lie hidden symbols such as the tree of life, the serpent and the fir-tree whose meaning are known only by the elderly locals. Only here can one find the famous wood chains whose links are mysteriously connected and carved on the same piece of wood.

Wood carving - Romanian crafts

Of all Romanian crafts, pottery remains the most widespread. In Romania, there are entire villages where the inhabitants have had this occupation for hundreds of years. The painted ceramics from Horezu which uses only natural colors or the beautiful black ceramics specific for Marginea. This kind of ceramic is burnt following special techniques in order to obtain the desired color. These are proofs that man can bring earth to life.

Romanian pottery

Weaving is a craft that is present on Romanian territory since ancient times. Women can often be seen in winter sitting by the fire at home weaving with heddle rods traditional costumes for young children, for the family heritage.


The Solar Symbols of the Romanian crafts

The solar symbols are illustrated in the architecture of the Romanian traditional houses as cosmic elements on the porch pillars, beams, doors etc. They remind of the Sun under many symbolic representations (on receptacles and worship baskets used at Easter, on dowery cases, painted eggs, embroideries and carpets, popular costumes, on the house fronts and even on some household annexes etc.). The solar symbols are represented through chromatic delimitations, such as circles, concentric circles with points at the center, circles with inscribed crosses, rhombuses or rosettes.