Capture the Romanian landscape in all of its beauty

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What is the best snapshot?

Romanian landscape is full of beautiful, scenic places.

What is the best snapshot? It could be a small village surrounded by mountains, where shepherds come slowly with their sheep, after months of seclusion, guarding the sheep. It can be the blue sky whose color surprisingly resembles that on the walls of Bukovina monasteries, the elderly countryside dwellers wearing folk costumes, or the bears living in the Carpathians forests. It can be any landscape, as long as photography is a hobby because in Romania is the season that dictates the colors of nature.

Amazing Romanian landscape during the 4 seasons

In wintertime, the shades of white prevail. There are spectacular views of frozen rivers and waterfalls, or small scattered villages that barely breathe under the heavy coat of snow. This is the time of the year when Christmas brings to life the most beautiful customs and traditions, unique events allowing the tourist to capture the image of an age-old world.

Winter landscape in Romania

Piatra Craiului Mountains
Spring is symbolized by green nature and landscapes that bring you closer to the village atmosphere.

Spring landscape in Romania

Central Park of Timisoara by Manuela Humelnicu

Summer delights by the colors of the sunrise on the beach, by the long days lost in nature and the quiet evenings sitting around a campfire. Summer can be recreated by moments from the bustling life of the city, as well the quietness of the Danube Delta.


The autumn colors are not so well-defined, a mixture of melancholy where old buildings seem to reveal stories from the past.


We will let you discover Romania through the lens and all its beauty. Actually, all the beauty that the Romanian landscape has to offer to you can be seen from in every corner of the country. But you can take a look at the next timelapse taken on the Mehedinti county. The video includes views from Inelet remote village.