Discover the therapeutic properties of thermal spring water

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On Romania’s current territory, thermal springs have been exploited since Antiquity, when the Romans settled and arranged the first spa centers

The Roman aristocrats were among the first to set their summer houses near thermal spring water whose health benefits had been known for thousands of years. When the Empire expanded, the Roman lifestyle was embraced by its provinces as well.

On Romania’s current territory, thermal springs have been exploited since Antiquity, when the Romans settled and arranged the first spa centers. The elite of the Habsburg aristocracy and even members of the Austrian royal family found here some of the best thermal waters, with valuable therapeutic properties.


A third of Europe’s thermal waters are found in Romania and depending on their chemical composition they are recommended either for rheumatic or vascular and locomotor diseases, for dermatologic or gynecologic affections. They also significantly contribute to toxin elimination, stress relief, and sedentary lifestyle treatment. The experts working in these spas at present have developed special programs which combine the curative properties of thermal spring water with relaxation therapies, known to improve the general health condition.

For many people, a holiday in a spa is an agreeable relaxing luxury. To others, mineral water, mofettes (natural sources of carbon dioxide), and mud baths are the compounds of a treatment for aches and pains. To both kinds of visitors, Romania can be a true miracle. Patients come from all over Europe to receive therapeutic care from specialists in well-equipped clinics of the leading spas, while enjoying their magnificent holiday locations. There isn’t surprise in this, considering the fact that the country has 70 health resorts, some founded during ancient times by the Romans.

Highlight: One of the Romanian cures worth mentioning is the therapy pioneered by Dr. Ana Aslan. This utilizes the biotrophic properties of two products, Gerovital H3, and Aslavital, to postpone aging.

The best places with thermal spring water

Romania can be proud of many places with mineral and thermal waters. Baile Herculane, known from the Roman Empire, has a number of 16 natural springs. This place is known for its healing properties due to its high amounts of minerals.

Baile Felix is the most popular baths in Transylvania and among the best known and most quality thermal spas in the country, like sulphuric, calcic, sodic, rich in bicarbonate waters. Here, the visitor can take advantage of the spa for relaxation, have fun and get treatment.

Calimanesti – Caciulata is the most beautiful spa with thermal waters from Romania. Famous for its mineral waters and therapeutic effects, is the place were even Napoléon Bonaparte, the President of the French Second Republic, came.

Sovata  became famous through its lakes, like Ursu, Alanis, Verde, Negru, Rosu, Mierlei and Serpilor, that have chlorinated and sodium waters.