Volunteering in Romania | A complete Romanian experience

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Described by many volunteers as the ”hidden gem of Eastern Europe”, Romania is the country with many facets.

Described by many volunteers as the ”hidden gem of Eastern Europe”, Romania is the country with many facets. Volunteering is only one part of it. There are a lot of programs that allows you to have a complete and meaningful experience here, in Romania, starting with voluntary work with bears in Eastern Europe’s largest bear sanctuary – Brașov, Romania.

Volunteering in Romania – types of programs

For a long time, bears had a tough time in Romania, as they were hunted as trophies or kept in critical conditions by their owners. Now, they are rescued and brought to Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary to help and conserve them. It is the perfect opportunity to see bears playing, climbing the trees, swimming or having a good back scratch against the trees and most of all it opens your eyes to the wider implications of animal welfare.

Volunteering in Romania

Another voluntary work that you can do is helping to make a genuine difference to poor children in Romania. As a volunteer, you can help a variety of childcare placements, by working with sick, abandoned and disabled children, since they need a positive role model. If you want to do volunteer work in Romania you can work in family homes, participate at children’s hospital play therapy or teach them.

If you want to gain valuable medical experience by working with a mobile medical unit and to travel around Brasov, then a medical internship in Romania is perfect for you. It’s a great opportunity to see medical work in action, to work closely with children on a ward, to help and play therapy and basic care, but let’s not forget that you will travel and discover the beautiful Romanian traditions along.

In the winter, in Romania’s largest ski resort, Poiana Brasov, you can be trained to be a ski or snowboard instructor in just 2 weeks and work full time for the 3 month season. Whilst working as an instructor you will have the opportunity to explore Transylvania and the wider extremities of Eastern Europe in your free time.

Spending time in Romania as a volunteer opens your eyes to its natural beauty, but there is much more to life here than first meets the eye.

Since 2003, the Oyster offers work and volunteer programs from the elegant city of Brasov, which boasts lively nightlife, mountain walks, great winter skiing and the infamous Dracula’s Castle. Here, in one of their longest running destinations, Oyster offers a great variety of gap year programs, career break options and even shorter projects for a great holiday with a difference.

Oyster is a family-owned business specialized in arranging paid work and voluntary work abroad. They are passionate and believe in their project and helping others by offering meaningful experiences around the world.