Not everyone loves beer, but everyone loves Romanian beer

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Not all those who wander are lost. They're probably just looking for a beer.

We don’t joke when we talk about beer, Romanian beer. It is a great way of cooling down and enjoying the summer at its best. And on top all, beer has always been an important part of our culture—especially pop culture. You know how they say. Not all those who wander are lost. They’re probably just looking for beer.

With the summer closing in, the temperature has been rising constantly, so what better way to cool down than by drinking a good cold beer?

The best Romanian beer

The Timisoareana brewery was founded in Timisoara in 1718 and it has a tradition of almost 300 years. The story of the beer begins in the first brewery in Romania. Since then, the tradition is well-preserved and the values have stood still. Prepared using traditional recipes by master brewers, Timisoreana earned its high spot on the list of Romanian beers.

For 7 years, from 2005 to 2012 Timişoreana organized a national tour celebrating the establishment of the first brewery in Romania entitled “Sarbatorile Timisoreana”.

romanian beer timisoreana

The history of Ursus is closely linked to the events that occurred over time in Cluj. The first brewery from Cluj where Ursus is made was founded in 1878 in Manastur. Last year, Ursus launched the first beer specially brewed for a music festival in Romania, UNTOLD Festival, inspired by the experiences and the unique atmosphere of the festival.

 romanian beer ursus

The roasted malt, flavoured hops, and clean water are the essential ingredients that combine in well-established proportions and patiently give birth to the beer Ciucas. The story of Ciucas began in 1892 in Brasov. The name of the beer comes from the name of the mountain where the water used in the recipe springs.

romanian beer ciucas

Ground Zero made its appearance in Romania in 2015, as a craft beer. It is a product that sets new standards and changes the Romanians’ perception about beer. This beer is the end result of a passionate challenge: “Break all rules & burn all known boundaries in brewing beer, let everything cut down to creativity, spontaneity & non-conformism.” You can find the beer in several pubs throughout the country, mostly in Bucharest, but also in Sibiu, Brasov, Iasi and Cluj-Napoca.

romanian craft beer ground zero

Zaganu craft beer is unpasteurized, has a strong taste, is made with three types of hops, and contains a fine extract of black malt. At the foot of Zaganu Peak (1817 m), near Cheia resort, is Fabrica de Bere Buna, where a handful of skilled people produce Zaganu.

romanian craft beer zaganu

Why should you try Romanian beer, you ask? Because:

•   It is cheap. One beer in a restaurant has an average cost of 1.15 Euro
•   It is strong and flavourful. You have lots and lots of local and imported beer with different flavours to fulfil everybody’s expectations.
•  It is an easy way to get the temperature dropping in the hot days when you’re in Romania. You know that there’s nothing better than a cold beer to beat the weather!

Best Romanian Beer Bars

Beraria H is the largest restaurant in Bucharest and the largest brewery in the Eastern Europe. It is located in Pavilion H from Park Herastrau. Beraria H has an area of 4975 sq m indoor and area of 3200 sq m outdoor, where are the terrace and the parking space.

Beraria H has up to 2,000 seats, a superb terrace located on the lake Herastrau and bar areas, a restaurant, and pub.

beraria h brewery

Hanu’ Berarilor is a unique place in Bucharest. It is a place where you can taste the best dishes along with a cheerful potion – beer. If you want to tipple you must come here! It’s a great place, with a capacity of 800 people. The restaurant is hosted in a historical building – Casa Oprea Soare – and preserves original elements of furnishings and authentic recipes from the interwar period.

hanu berarilor brewery

The brewery from Strada Stavropoleo, Caru cu Bere, is a place full of tradition, where every object has its own story. One of the few places in Bucharest where it seems that nothing has changed and the architecture reminds those who step into the brewery why Bucharest was once considered The Little Paris. Besides beer that is produced by a secret original recipe, Caru ‘cu Bere is famous for its tasty dishes. The speciality of the house was for a long time sausage with horseradish. The building that houses the restaurant is declared a Historical and Architectural Monument. The beer of the house is produced after a secret recipe in Tuborg brewery, which is closed one day every month to brew this delicious drink.

caru cu bere brewery

Fabrica de Bere Ursus from Cluj-Napoca is decorated in an absolutely unique style, keeping some of the original installations used by the factory. The most interesting element of decor is that consumers can witness the brewing process because it can be followed through the glass walls that reveal the production line. No wonder this place is called Fabrica de Bere (The Beer Factory).

ursus brewery

If you’re in Iasi and want to drink a good beer, you definitely should visit Beer Zone. It has the coolest beer selection in town. They don’t serve food, but at least you can choose from over 100 ranges beers from all over Europe: regular, non-alcoholic, cooked, caramelized, fruit-flavored, and more.

beer zone pub

And remember. Drink responsibly, travel often, and if you’re in need of a vacation to Romania, just let us know.