Brasov | The city at the foothill of The Carpathians

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Lying at the foothill of the Carpathians, at the gateway to Transylvania, the city has experienced long ages of prosperity which, today, give us the opportunity to admire historical buildings and traces of an impressive past.

The first settlers of Brasov were the Teutonic Knights, in 1211. Braving the dangers of the dark ages, especially the Mongol invasion, they lay the foundation of a new settlement which was given the Latin name of Corona. Over time, the trading links with cities across Europe have turned Brasov into a cosmopolitan city.

Brasov – probably the best city in the world

If you’re in the city center for the first time, you’ll certainly be charmed by the market Square, Piaţa Sfatului, dominated by the Black Church, a renowned Gothic cathedral built in the XIV century. The Black Church is the largest religious settlement in Gothic style from south-eastern Europe, being raised on the ruins of an ancient Roman basilica. It shelters the largest collection of Anatolian carpets in Europe.



In Brasov, tourists are simply delighted by the fresh mountain air and the medieval touch of the old town. What is more, there are many sightseeing alternatives in the area: the fortresses of Prejmer and Rasnov, Bran Castle, the bear reserve in Zarnesti. Gourmets will relish in local pubs & restaurants, famous for the Romanian cuisine and traditional parties, such as the Carpathian Stag or the Sweet Hole. In the winter time, Brasov is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts who literally take over the ski slopes in Poiana Braşov, a well-known ski resort near Braşov. Once every few years, the city’s central square is floodlit and Brasov gets glamorous for the Golden Stag international music festival, the second largest festival after the Eurovision.

Video presentation – Brasov probably the best city in the world:


Discover the legend of Brasov

Briefly after Brasov had been erected in the mountains, the legend has it that a dangerous dragon made its dwelling in a little cave on the heights. Nowadays called „Bethlen” cave. The giant monster used to terrify the community by wreaking havoc on its path.

Once, a student came to the stronghold. While learning its prayers, he began to say the words out loud and he got swallowed by the dragon.

A stranger went then to his father and offered to kill the monster. He was promised a big reward in exchange of his act of bravery. The stranger filled a calfskin with burnt lime and put the trap on a meadow, luring the giant dragon who got in the trap and swallowed the calfskin with ravenous appetite. It felt then deeply thirsty so it flew to the nearest water to quench its thirst. But the burnt lime began to absorb the water and engirt so hard that the dragon cracked.

This is how it was saved the student who was still living. In memory of the miraculous saving of his son, the grateful father ordered his subjects to carve the image of the dragon on the wall climbing Tampa hill, from the eastern corner of the town to the cattle shelter on Tampa heights.