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Steeped in folklore, Romania has all. There are heart-stopping castles perched on hilltops, villages that appear to have just stepped out of the middle ages […]

Steeped in folklore, Romania has all. There are heart-stopping castles perched on hilltops, villages that appear to have just stepped out of the middle ages and a small part of the population that still honestly believes in witchcraft, myths, mythological creatures and legends. The stuff of fairy tales indeed. These are just a few reasons why travelers and tourists come to Romania.


In order to discover the real sight of Romania, we’ve talked with a few travel bloggers that stepped foot in Romania and visited on their own manor. In the next few weeks you’ll discover the stories and the bloggers that put Romania on their map.

Our newest campaign Travel Blogger in Romania brings travel bloggers from all around the Globe.

Discover Romania through their eyes:

Justin from the Velvet Rocket is a blogger that likes wild destinations. He came in Romania for the first time with her mother when he was just 2 year old, but that didn’t stop him to visit it again. Romania moved quickly to the top of his travel wish list.

Elena from Imagineth is a blogger that like the local experiences and prefers to feel like a local. She has lived in Romania for over 6 years and has good travel tips for those who want to visit it.

Kirstie from Venga, Vale, Vamos is currently living and working abroad. Her enthusiasm for visiting Romania started when some of her friends visited the country over Easter. She has quite a few ideas of what is Romania about.

Jonny from Don’t stop living is a backpacker, a long term traveler, a business traveler, he has lived and worked abroad, all combined into one. Romania exceeded his expectations, and he stayed for 3 weeks, even though he planned just a week there.

Tim Leffel from Cheapest Destinations started as a long-term backpacker, but now he is a full-time travel writer. Has really inspiring thoughts of what is Romania about.

Alyson from World Travel Family is a different blogger in different places, backpacker, long term traveler and she always travel with her family. Romania finds its way to her list purely by chance, but she doesn’t regret it. She and her family learned a few thing while she was here.

Dalene & Pete from Hecktic Travels are long term traveler. They wanted to go somewhere we were intrigued by but had never been before and that’s how Romania was chosen. They even wrote about how could they see themselves living in Brasov!

Brenna from This Battered Suitcase is a live and work abroad type of traveler and she used to be a long-term traveler and backpacker. She didn’t had any expectations before visiting the country and then she really fell for the countryside.

Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps is a budget traveler, long-term traveler, and she work online as she travels. Romania fitted in her bucket list perfectly. She has some great insights about what you do in Romania.

Stay tuned for the next “episode” from our campaign Travel Blogger in Romania.