Did you know that in Romania you can find The Gate of Kiss?

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The Gate of Kiss built of Banpotoc stone by Constantin Brancusi, is the gateway through which the transition to another life is being done.

The Gate of Kiss is a stone sculpture, built by Constantin Brancusi, part of the Monumental Ensemble triptych from Targu Jiu, alongside with the Table of Silence and the Column of the Infinite.

The Gate of Kiss, located at the entrance of the city park, is carved in stone porous, extracted from quarries from the areas nearby. It has rectangular thick columns, that supportes an architrave larger than the columns.
The Gate of the Kiss Brancusi
Photo by Catalin Dima

The Gate of Kiss represents the symbolic passage to another life. On each face of the column you can see the kiss symbol, formed of two halves of circle, characteristic for Brancusi’s work. Also, the columns show the multiplied symbol of the twin eyes and the architrave – ”Kissing Gate” – imitates the ”Kiss” from Montparnasse up to 40 times, suggesting a Hora – traditional Romanian folk dance.

It has been know from the testimonials that the site was changed two times before it was settled on the place that it is now.