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The hidden treasure among the hills. Charlottenburg is a perfectly round village in Romania. Being the only one of its kind.

Charlottenburg is a perfectly round village in Romania. You could say it’s drawn with a compass. Due to its shape, the entire village was declared a historic monument by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.


In the 70’, during the second wave of German colonisation, the Banat governor brings German people in Romania.

It is a known fact that Germans are very organised. This is demonstrated once again in the way they built the round village in Romania, Timisoara – Charlottenburg – 240 years ago. Not for long there was only one Swabian left in the village. Unfortunately, now, there is not one single German left. The majority population is Romanian. In 2002 there were 111 people. At the beginning, this village had 32 families meaning 131 people; all were German emigrants.

Charlottenburg - first plan of the only round village in Romania

Having a diameter of 210 meters, Charlottenburg or Sarlota (in the Romanian language) has a fountain in the middle surrounded by a plantation of mulberry and houses.

The origin of the name – Charlottenburg – has been lost over the years, but there is a legend that says it is named after Charlotte, the wife of the Banat governor.

At the moment there are no accommodation means for the tourists in the village. The best option in the nearby area, at almost 2 km away, is the Altringen village, where you can find a beautiful guesthouse renovated by locals in the Swabian style.