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“We had a great time in Romania and we enjoyed every second of our holiday. Not too many hours on the bus, great selected objectives […]

“We had a great time in Romania and we enjoyed every second of our holiday. Not too many hours on the bus, great selected objectives and enough time for visiting them all. We learned many interesting things about Romania and it was nice to see how the information received each day connected at the end. We will never forget the magical sunset from Poienari Castle when the sky turned incredibly red as we will never forget the heavy rain from Bran. We had to stay approximately 30 minutes more in the castle after the tour was over but the guide had an amazing idea! He put all men to imitate Dracula and the best was to receive at the end of the day a bottle of Romanian wine. We had a lot of fun and time passed very quickly. We got in loved with our guide as he was very spontaneous and great in finding solutions when something unexpected appeared and you could just see how involved and passionate was with his job. A great man indeed! We had the best time ever and we decided to return here next summer. This is a promise!”
Anka and Siméon, Bulgaria

“I chose this tour due to my fascination about Dracula but I could not find him there as I wished. Though the castles and the citadels impressed me a lot and it was easy to understand why Bram Stoker chose Transylvania for his book. The landscapes were amazing, Romania has for sure something very wild and mysterious with all those wooded mountains and strong medieval constructions. A nice touch was including the tour Iulia Hasdeu Castle, not a medieval one but with a beautiful-sad story which impressed us all. Maybe in the future, the authorities will consider giving Dracula more credit than some cheap souvenirs as there are many generations that grew up with Dracula stories. At least, I returned home with great memories and great photos from Transylvania and now it will be much easier to tell my son stories about Dracula actually showing him real images from the Count’ real home.”
Martin, USA

“Visiting Sibiu and Sighisoara was a step back in time and they definitely were my favorite stops on the tour. I loved the architecture, the cobbled lanes and the relaxed atmosphere. I also enjoyed visiting the castles but to be honest I expected more from Bran Castle. The surroundings are great and the castle outside look is very impressive but the inside is quite dull and not at all Dracula related. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect to meet vampires but I would have liked to see something about Dracula, after all, this is the reason why people come to see it in the first place. Peles was instead a really nice surprise, a castle like no other! Imperial but not overwhelming, great both outside and inside, in my opinion, along with Sibiu and Sighisoara a MUST SEE! Overall, it was a nice tour, well framed with a great guide which kept us all at high levels of good mood and also well informed.”
Irena, Austria