Bran Castle | The renowned and mysterious Dracula Castle

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Having become famous over time as “Dracula’s Castle”, the Bran Castle is one of the chief tourist attractions in Romania

Bran Castle (Dracula Castle) history

Built starting with 1211 under the architectural guidance of Johaness Schultz and Karel Lima, Bran Castle or Dracula Castle was finalized in 1377. Set strategically atop a 60-metre cliff, the castle is towering over the most important access route into Transylvania. The first document that mentions Bran Castle dates from 14th century when Sigismund of Luxemburg used it as a military base.

The castle was for a long time the property of the city of Brasov but in 1920, it became a royal residence when it was given by the Brasov Council as a gift to Queen Marie of Romania, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Fascinated by the beauty of the castle, she refurbished it and endowed it with invaluable collections of art, medieval weapons and traditional objects collected from the surrounding villages. After the death of Queen Marie, her heart was brought to Bran Castle from the place where it had been buried as a last homage to the place she had so much loved.

Dracula Castle


Dracula’s myth

Over time, thrill-seeking tourists have included the Bran Castle or Dracula Castle on the list of the scariest castle in the world, drawing on the story of the infamous Count Dracula, who was supposed to have stayed here temporarily. The castle’s spectacular image attracts film producers, who use it as a backdrop for vampire movies. Vampire stories aside, the Bran Castle remains a site worth visiting for its history, as well as for its influence on the lives of those who have crossed its threshold.
The main attraction for the tourists who choose to visit Bran Castle is the legend that was created around it. The most representative Transylvanian legend, that of Dracula or Vlad the impaler, is undeniably linked to Bran Castle. That how it got the of Dracula Castle.

Dracula’s myth is based on the fictional novel „Dracula”, published in Britain in 1897, having the Irish writer Bram Stoker as the author. The characters in the novel are fictional, but the facts and the end of Count Dracula are based on popular beliefs in evil forces such as vampires and ghosts. Romanian ruler, Vlad the Impaler, was associated with Dracula, although historical data does not confirm its long presence on the Bran Castle.

Bran Castle Museum

Bran Castle or Dracula Castle boasts a museum spread over four floors of the castle which house furniture items of inestimable value, items of clothing of Queen Mary of Romania, weapons, pottery, armor, and other items of treasure.Tourists can visit at the ground floor: the guard-room, Prince Mircea chapel, the interior patio and the fountain. At the first level, the main attractions are the Gothic Hall also named the Yellow Salon, Queen Mary bedroom, the main salon and the hidden stairs. The second level includes the Biedermeier salon, King Ferdinand bedroom, Costumes hall, Green bedroom I and II and the projection room. At the third floor, you can visit the music room and Queen Mary library and the loggia. The third floor includes Prince Nicholas apartment, access in the Eastern Tower and the Bran Castle Terrace.

Visiting hours:

Low season: from OCTOBER 1 to MARCH 31
Monday: 12 PM – 4 PM
Tue–Sun: 9 AM – 4 PM
Last Admission: 4 PM
High season: from APRIL 1 to SEPTEMBER 30
Monday: 12 PM – 6 PM
Tue–Sun: 9 AM – 6 PM
Last Admission: 6 PM

Ticket Prices:

Adults: 25Lei (6€)
Seniors (65+): 15Lei (3.5€)
Students: 10Lei (2.4€)
Pupils: 5Lei (1.2€)
Filming: 20Lei (4.8€)

Admission is free for disabled persons and for institutionalized persons. Seniors admission is valid for people over 65 years. Students and pupils require displaying their StudentID.

Amateur photography is free; Filming: 20 Lei. Professional filming/photography is allowed after signing a contract. Their charge is based on the customized offer.