Snagov Monastery | The burial place of Vlad the Impaler

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The history of the monastery is tied to the name of Vlad the Impaler, the historical character that served as inspiration for Bram Stoker's vampire count Dracula

Over time, the name of the small Snagov monastery became synonymous with that of the lake in the middle of which it was built in the early 15th century. On the site of the church (a small island in the middle of the Snagov lake) used to stand a fortress and later on a monastery, which had been covered by the waters.

One legend says that after Vlad’s death, rival aristocratic families prevented him from being buried according to the Christian custom. Seeing this, the monks at Snagov stole the prince’s body and gave it a proper burial, but in secrecy and without pomp.

Snagov Monastery