Putna Monastery | The resting place of Stephen the Great

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Aside from its religious character, the monastery assumed over time the role of collector and custodian of Romanian art

The history of Romania remembers a personality so significant that it had to be elevated to the sainthood. Stefan cel Mare si Sfant (Saint Stephen the Great) was one of the most important Romanian rulers, whose actions and achievements shaped the history of the land, as well as European history. The Putna Monastery, his final resting place, has become a prominent place of pilgrimage, a symbol of the greatness of an era.

The monastery was built between 1466 and 1469, at a time when the medieval Moldavian state was making its name in politics and war. Throughout the centuries, the monastery underwent numerous transformations, usually following enemy attacks or fires, being refurbished and enriched after each such event, precisely due to its special spiritual significance for the Romanians.

Putna Monastery


Visiting hours:

From 07:00 until 19:00.

Ticket Prices:

Adults: 5 lei
Filming fee: 10 lei.