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Romania is known for its rich heritage and joyful events and holidays. If you want to visit Romania, see our Romania Events calendar for 2015 so you can have a complete experience of your time here.

Romania is known for its rich heritage and joyful events and holidays. Through the year, Romanians celebrate birth, marriage, death as a part of life-cycle, not to forget our ancient heritage, religious holidays, customs and traditional events, festivals that have remained unchanged over the years. If you want to visit Romania, see our Romania Events calendar for 2015 so you can have a complete experience of your time here.

Romania Events Calendar 2015

Sibiu Lights – December 15th 2014-January 1st 2015

Led’s exhibition in a big decor with colorful lights, built on wooden structures in the form of a tunnel.
Location: Sibiu
Category: Exhibition

Dragobete – February 24th

The Romanian equivalent of Valetine’s Day is celebrated across the country.
Location: Across the country

Martisor – March 1st

The countrywide folk holiday that marks the beginning of spring.
Location: Across the country

National Festival of Easter Eggs – March

A unique event in the country, the national festival of painted eggs is organized annually on ,,Shrove Tuesday” at the beginning of the Big Fasting, wishing to point out the beautiful tradition of this area – the egg painting.
Location: Ciocanesti-Suceava (Bukovina)
Category: Arts

EUROPAfest – May 8th – 23rd

One of the biggest international music festivals in Romania attracts jazz, pop, blues and classical acts from all over the world. In addition to a host of concerts across dozens of venues, it also runs jam sessions and workshops for up-and-coming musicians and hosts the prestigious Jeunesses International Music Competition.
Location: Bucharest
Category: Entertainment

Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) – May 29th – June 7th

This lively festival, that has become one of the most popular of its kind in Eastern Europe, attracts more than 55,000 attendees, and draws directing and acting talent from around the globe.
Location: Cluj-Napoca
Category: Theatre & Film

Bucharest Biennale – May 25th – July 22nd

Bucharest Biennale is a Contemporary Arts festival aimed at promoting the arts by means of cultural exchanges and collaborations within Europe and abroad.
Location: Bucharest
Category: Arts

FITS – June 12nd – 21st

The third in Europe as amplitude and dimension as referred to the arts of the spectacle, FITS attracts Tens of thousands of spectators from all over the world.
Location: Sibiu
Category: Theatre

Eastern European Vintage Bike Rally – July 1st – 23rd

The main attractions are a speed bike race on the salt track and Vintage bike race and parade in downtown Turda.
Location: Turda
Category: Sport

Bucharest of Old – July

Celebration of the city as it was 150 years ago. Parade of 1800s costumes, horse-drawn carriages, traditional food, music and special performances.
Location: Bucharest
Category: Culture

B’estFest – July 6th – 8th

The only Romanian music festival included in the Top 20 European Festivals includes a generous camping space, one main stage, a dance arena, unconventional art exhibitions, creative workshops, games, fashion-fairs, film screenings and sports areas. Turned into a Summer Camp, the festival is truly an amusement park for all ages!
Location: Bucharest
Category: Music

“Full Moon” Festival – July

The first film festival in Romania focused exclusively on horror and fantasy pictures, and takes place each year in Biertan, Sibiu county.
Location: Biertan – Sibiu
Category: Film

Sighisoara Medieval Festival – July 24th – 26th

Three-day celebration of medieval arts, crafts, music. Recreating the atmosphere of medieval Sighisoara using medieval arts, music, and crafts.
Location: Sighisoara
Category: Culture


The Maidens’ Fair (Targul de Fete) – July 20th

Traditional matchmaking festival where villagers in traditional costume walk up to Gaina Mountain for dancing, feasting and choosing a mate.
Location: Gaina Mountain

ARTmania Festival – July 31st – August 2nd

The ARTmania Festival platform supports the fine arts, especially photography and painting, with focus on the music directly linked to or derived from the rock culture.
Location: Sibiu
Category: Music & Art

Transilvania International Guitar Festival – August

Professional guitarists perform and lead masterclasses, while soloists and chamber groups participate in a highly regarded competition. Visitors can gaze enviously at the fine instruments on display in a special guitar exhibition.
Location: Cluj-Napoca
Category: Music

Dance at Prislop (Hora de la Prislop) – August

Traditional celebration of ties among three of Romania’s main regions: Transylvania, Moldova and Maramures; villagers parade in traditional costume to Prislop Pass in the Carpathian Mountains, then participate in traditional dances, singing and feasting.
Location: Maramures, Moldova, Transylvania
Category: Dance

Romania’s Folk Art Festival – August

Initiation in folk art creation (pottery molding, textile embroidering, woodcarving and more) offered, for free, by proeminent folk artists to those interested in traditional crafts.
Category: Arts

The Medieval Festival “Transylvanian Fortresses” – August 28th – 30th

For 3 days the fortress of Sibiu will be transformed in a genuine medieval marked populated by princesses and knights, monks and minstrels, jungglers and jesters.
Location: Sibiu
Category: Culture

George Enescu International Festival – August 30th – September 20th

The George Enescu Festival 2015 will pay special tribute to Romania’s most famous composer and musician. Some of the world’s most famous conductors, soloists, symphonic orchestras and chamber ensembles will perform in Bucharest on this very special occasion and competitions will be held for piano, violin and voice.
Location: Bucharest
Category: Music

Plai Festival – September

Plai Festival is a three-day music festival made entirely by volunteers taking place annually, in the second weekend of September at Muzeul Satului Bănăţean, an outdoors ethnographic museum.
Location: Timisoara
Category: Music

Sambra Oilor – September

Festival marking the return of the sheep herds from the Mountains.
Location: Maramures
Category: Nature & Wildlife

Oktoberfest – October

German tradition adopted after a Bavarian model: beer plentiful, German music, Bavarian dishes, fanfare, a huge tent and contests.
Location: Brasov
Category: Entertainment

KinoFest – October 26th – 28th

Discover and promote young film-makers, musicians, and creative artists in their creative endeavors in 3 competitions: Animation, Fiction, Micromovie.
Location: Bucharest
Category: Film

Bucharest Early Music Festival – October 30th – 31st

An unique event, harmonizing rare and delightful archaic sounds from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque ages.
Location: Bucharest
Category: Music

Halloween in Transylvania – October 31st

Tours, shows and celebrations following the footsteps of Bram Stoker’s novel character, Count Dracula.
Location: Brasov

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