Things to do in Cluj-Napoca | A complete guide for your trip

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In the past, we talked about what to do in Bucharest, from active experiences and military adventure to family activities and shopping. Now, let’s see […]

In the past, we talked about what to do in Bucharest, from active experiences and military adventure to family activities and shopping. Now, let’s see talk about another city in Romania, the 2015 European Youth Capital. There are plenty of things to do in Cluj. It is a lively city with a remarkable potential,  a place where art, sport, theater, film, music, and education bind together in harmony.
With both new and old squares, streets, museums, parks and buildings that hide mysteries from centuries long forgotten, Cluj impresses through its baroque style combined with its picturesque architecture, creating a bohemian atmosphere. One of the most important festivals is TIFF (Transylvania International Film Festival), which makes the city seem small for thousands of tourists.

1. Study the city from Cetatuia Clujului

0hat better way to see a city than from above? You can enjoy its beautiful architecture and its busy streets, and it will make you feel like a giant.
Tip: Watching the sunset from up here can make up for an amazing experience, so make sure to catch it.

2. Go for a bike ride in the “Simion Barnutiu” Center Park

If you are a sports lover, enjoy cycling and/or walking, this is the place for you. You can rent a bike for free for 1 hour through the bike-sharing program, you can jog, or you can take a long, relaxing walk.
Tip: In the summer you can rent a boat or a water bike for the lake in the park.
things to do in cluj park

3. Take a stroll on the Mirror Street and feel the Bavarian atmosphere

It’s called Mirror Street for a reason. The architecture of the buildings on the street is identical, and it is similar in style to the buildings of Munich. On top of that, the New Town Hall from Munchen looks like the St. Michael’s Church from Cluj due to its gothic style, both having a neo-gothic tower of over 80 meters in height.

4. Play a football game at the Cluj Arena

Cluj Arena is right next to the Center Park Simion Barnutiu and it has a capacity of 60,000 people.

Tip: The Cluj Arena is a popular spot for concerts. The vibe is beyond description and it will definitely give you goosebumps. A lot of famous names known worldwide had concerts here: Scorpions in 2011, Roxette in 2012, Deep Purple and UB40 in 2013 and UNTOLD Festival in 2015 and 2016.

5. Sightseeing at Cheile Turzii

Cheile Turzii forms a protected area of national interest, located in Cluj county. It offers a karst landscape of rare wildness: steep tall cliffs, sharp ridges, stone towers, rocky valleys, grottos, and arches. If you’re lucky and careful enough you can see some of the 1,000 species of plants, animals, and butterflies.

6. Take a trip to Cascada Vălul Miresei (Bridal Veil Falls)

If you’re a nature lover, this is a spot that you shouldn’t miss. This is perhaps the most beautiful route that can be traveled during the day with your family.

Tip: If you decide to go by foot from the center of the village, this area will reveal landscapes that not many can see. Be careful, you can spot deer.
things to do in cluj turda

7. Visit the impressive Turda Salt Mine

Just like Cheile Turzii, the Turda Salt Mine is outside the city, but from the bottom of my heart, I can tell you that the way over there is totally worth it. It’s an amazing place for a family trip. It is known to be one of the most beautiful underground places in the world. Not to mention that some of the scenes from The Dark Knight Rises were filmed here.
Tip: The access to the entertainment space is done via a panoramic lift. Here, you can play ping pong, football, volleyball, handball or take a boat ride in the Salt Mine.

8. Walk through the Cluj City Center

Get some rest after all this adventure in the city center of Cluj.

9. Eat at a restaurant and discover the local food

All this traveling probably made you hungry, so it’s best to let the local restaurants charm you with some tasty dishes.
Tip: You need to try the famous Varza a la Cluj (Cabbage from Cluj)!
After this delight to the eye, you can go home richer and happier because Cluj has the power to charge you with positive energy. Safe travel!
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Visit Cluj-Napoca

Romanians call it simply Cluj, expressing their endearment for a city that has grown to become the administrative and cultural capital of Transylvania, as well as a reputed academic center.