Visit Cluj-Napoca | The European Youth Capital 2015

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Romanians call it simply Cluj, expressing their endearment for a city that has grown to become the administrative and cultural capital of Transylvania, as well as a reputed academic center.

Visit Cluj-Napoca,

the city that will remind you of the former Roman colony that settled here in the second century A.D. The city seems to be destined for an intense and rich art scene, cultural events taking place almost weekly. The most popular one is TIFF(Transylvania International Film Festival), a festival which makes the city seem small for the thousands of tourists. To the bohemian atmosphere of Cluj contributes the picturesque architecture combining classical and baroque styles, mostly clustered around Union Square, in the heart of the city, there are so much to do here.

visit Cluj-Napoca


If you are in Cluj, it’s a good idea to take a walk on the medieval-like streets that lead to the Gothic cathedral of St. Michael’s, with its impressive spire towering 80 meters above. If you’re interested in museums, don’t miss the National History Museum of Transylvania and the Ethnographic Museum.

Tip: if you climbing one of the seven hills surrounding Cluj, you can reach the ruins of an ancient fortress. The panoramic view of the city will persuade you it was well worth the effort.