Wellness trip in Romania | Enjoy a relaxing vacation

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Romania is truly the land where everlasting youth is not just a simple myth, it’s a matter of choice.

Too much work, polluted air, too many hours spent on the computer, too many sunny days lost in four walls and so little fun and relaxation. No wonder why, when is time for vacation, everyone wants to run as far as possible. Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy an all-inclusive week on a remote tropical island with turquoise-blue water and sandy beaches? But there are some moments when you realize that all the hours spent at the office, sitting on the same chair, in the same position for ages, weren’t that kind with your back, knees and your health, in general.

Our proposal? Definitely Romania! You can find a lot of resorts where you can take a wellness trip to Romania. Almost all important Romanian resorts can be found in the mountains so, the landscapes are amazing and the air is fresh and clean. Romania is also home to more than a third of all the mineral waters of Europe and they are not just mineral, they are magical, being successfully used for decades in healing all sorts of ailments.

Wellness trip in Romania

In Govora and Olanesti, those suffering from asthma can find real relief as these two resorts are specialised in treating the affections of the respiratory system. Plus, the thermal mineral waters make miracles in backs pains and rheumatic symptoms. Covasna, also known as the Thousand Springs Resort, is worldwide famous for its great cardiology centre. But Covasna, along with Tusnad and Balvanyos, are also famous due to the amazing mofettes. These mofettes, natural post-volcanic emanations of carbon dioxide, are strongly recommended for those with a poor peripheral circulation. Because of that, this natural therapy is very popular among men, equally popular as becoming a father after the age of 60.

Also, it is known that due to stress, more and more women have difficulties in remaining pregnant. But they should not despair as Sovata is like a “baby conveyor”. From America to Asia, desperate women who even tried, in vain, artificial inseminations, succeeded to give birth to healthy babies after the mud treatments taken here.

But actually, any healthy person should try to enjoy a vacation in one of Romania’s resorts. Many say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but what about the following saying: a week in a resort, makes you a lot stronger! And you should keep in mind that thermal pools, essential oil massages, salt therapies, hammam baths, mud packing, facial rejuvenations techniques, galvanic baths and aerosol sessions are perfect for both soul and body.

All these non-invasive natural practices have long-term positive effects so you may also be able to enjoy exotic holidays even in your mid-60s. Romania is truly the land where everlasting youth is not just a simple myth, it’s a matter of choice.

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