What to do in Brasov | A comprehensive guide for you

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Hello everybody :) Hope you had a beautiful week since the last time we showed you the activities that you can do in Sibiu. We […]

Hello everybody :) Hope you had a beautiful week since the last time we showed you the activities that you can do in Sibiu. We meet again, this time with a new destination you should quickly put it on your bucket list: Brasov or the Crown city as the Germans who settled in named it. New place, new interesting things or maybe if you already visited Brasov it can be an old place, new things you didn’t see the first time and you can discover them now.

So what to do in Brasov? This place surrounded by some of the highest mountains and protected in the heart of the Carpathians, was the home of Germans, Romanians, making them live in harmony for years.

Find a list with the best things you can do in Brasov:

1. Visit the narrowest street from Romania – Strada Sforii. Its existence is known from the 18 century as a simple corridor to help firefighters work. The interesting fact is that Strada Sforii was included in Huffington Post among the narrowest streets in the world.

Tip: Take a camera and start taking pictures. If you are careful you can spot the Brasov sign through the small space between the buildings around the street. In the night is romantic, but also a little bit spooky if you’re alone because it’s awfully quiet.

2. Take panoramic pictures of the city from the Black Tower or maybe do you like the White Tower? Well, you can choose both towers, the important thing is that you’ll get some amazing shots. These two were observation towers and you can now ”observe” the majesty of the town.

Tip: The Black Tower isn’t quite black, actually is white now and it has an exhibition of a collection of artifacts made by many craftsmen guilds in medieval Brasov. You’ll fell like you’ve stepped back in time when seeing all that artifacts.

3. Take an adventure trip in Parc Aventura. Perfect for family trips, here you can choose from 10 trails of progressive difficulty. On the same note, you can go to Aquatic Paradise. Here you can choose from the 8 modern pools, indoor and outdoor, trampolines, slides, various saunas, fitness, massage and relaxation and so much more.

Tip: If you’re an adrenaline addict you can choose the black route from Parc Aventura, where you can achieve the highest height of 20 meters.

4. For winter sports lovers we propose Poiana Brasov, a famous destination from ancient times for this kind of activities and also you can have some relaxing spa treatments.

Tip: You can enjoy your time here even in the summertime. There are tubing and zorbing tracks.



5. See the tradition during ”Sarbatoarea junilor” (Juni Celebration). On the first day of Easter begins the Brasov Juni Celebration and lasts one week. The members of the horsemen proclaim the Resurrection and choose their leader for one year.

Tip: You must see one of the most important event in Brasov: the old traditional Juni (youth) parade which is celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. The 7 groups of Juni descend on horseback from an ancient neighborhood of the town, in the center of Brasov, saluting the crowds gathered to admire the spectacular traditional clothes and beautifully adorned large purebred horses. On the eve of the festival, the Juni cross the Schei district and stop at Solomon`s Stones where they enjoy themselves, dancing the hora.

6. Visit the Bats Cave (Pestera liliecilor), a protected speleological reservation. Here you can see lots of endangered species of bats.

Tip: You don’t need to have any special equipment when visiting the cave,  just a flashlight. The only thing you need to do is to wear something to protect your clothes to avoid getting dirty due to the clay or the traces of guano found inside the cave.

7. Step on the footsteps of Dracula up to Bran Castle. Bran Castle owes its fame to the myth created around Bram Stocker’s character, Count Dracula. A long time ago before that, the castle way the royal residence of Queen Marie of Romania. The castle houses furniture items of inestimable value, items of clothing of Queen Mary of Romania, weapons, pottery, armor and other valuable items.

Tip: Through the small windows of the castle you can see the beautiful village surrounded by mountains. On a hot summer day, you can stay at the terrace in the garden and enjoy an ice cream or a cold drink.

What to do in Brasov

8. Visit the Bear Libearty Sanctuary near the city of Brasov. It is the biggest reservation in Europe, hosting more than 70 brown bears and one Asian black bear brought from Texas.

Tip: It is a great place to spend some time here for everyone. You can even adopt a bear. This year the sanctuary celebrates 10 years since its foundation and on this occasion the Bear Sanctuary – Teddy Bear Museum Romania was inaugurated. If you’d like you can donate a teddy bear. The museum can brag with two giant teddy bears that came all the way from London, in the honor of the second child the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate.

9. Relax in the center of Brasov, named Brasov Council Square, where you can see the Hollywood-like sign from Tâmpa. After an exhausting trip on the streets of Brasov, up and down, up and down, we can stop for a moment and enjoy the view.

Tip: You can stay on the round support of the fountain from the City Square and have the best view. Or maybe go to a terrace in the center. There are plenty of places where you can choose from.

Until next time, see you on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

Did you know about Strada Sforii?

Strada Sforii from Brasov, the narrowest street in Europe

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