Wondering what to do in Bucharest? Here are a few things

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Want to explore anything there is to see in Bucharest? Find out the best way to spend your time.

You know that feeling when you visit a new city and want to explore the essence of it, make the most of your time and have something to tell to your friends when you come back home? Well, I do! It’s that feeling when you step your foot on a foreign land and want to see what is this place about or what are the best experiences that this city can offer to me? Or maybe before going on a trip you’re thinking if the place you want to visit is worth visiting. I can tell you a secret: Bucharest has all the ingredients that make it an attraction that you must see in a lifetime. It has nightlife, shopping, a whole lot of history, impressive landmarks and so on.

Bucharest is the city where old meets new, where you can enjoy the hustle of an unforgettable night in a club or go to shopping. But maybe you just want a relaxing day visiting the reminiscence of communism or the unique architecture of the modern life. And now that I’ve got your attention let’s see what to do in Bucharest.

Find out what is the best way to spend your time in Bucharest:

1. Take a boat walk in Cismigiu Park

It is such a relaxing and lovely way to spend a few time in Bucharest just to seize the moment. After that, you can take a walk on the Lover’s Alley. Cismigiu is the perfect spot for youngsters or for all of you who feel young and/or in love. There is a small island in a lagoon where there are dozens of ducks and swans – including two beautiful black swans. It is refreshing and in the summer, you can withdraw from the city bustle as there are lots of shady places to rest.

Tip: In winter, the lake becomes a natural ice skating rink.


2. Go to a coquettish coffee place in the Bucharest’s Old Town on a summer day

If you like exploring all kind of restaurants, bars, coffee places you must stop in Bucharest’s Old Town. Being a mix of history and a trendy entertainment district, this part of the city is abundant with lots of places to hangout and to soak the atmosphere of Bucharest. There are lots of activities from singing to dancing manifestations on the street in the night and not only.

Tip: When the night begins this part of the city becomes pretty crowded and terraces are brimming.

3. Visit The Village Museum from Bucharest, to have an overview of the Romanian life in the countryside

If you are in Bucharest and want to see a glimpse of the Romanian countryside the Village museum is the place to go. It is one of the most diverse museums in the European family of Museums of Arts and Popular Traditions. Its collection includes over 100,000 objects. At the beginning of 2015, the museum received the “Country brand” certificate, being the first Romanian institution to receive this title.

Tip: During the year the Village Museum organizes all kind of events such as exhibitions, book launches, creativity workshops, craftsmen fairs, artistic performances.

4. Take a photograph with the Arch of Triumph – Arcul de Triumf – a smaller replica of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe

It commemorates the victory in World War Romania. It’s the landmark of Bucharest and it is one of the reasons why Bucharest was called “little Paris”. It’s placed at an intersection so you would get spectacular photos.

Tip: Arc de Triomphe hosts a museum that can be visited only on certain special occasions.

5. Visit Antipa Muzeum

This is a perfect place for those who want to have an unusual experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some unbelievable things. The museum has an impressive collection of expositions, like human bodies, alive butterflies, alive spiders, and scorpions. This is a perfect place for families with kids too because there are lots of activities for them.

Tip: The permanent exhibition houses numismatic collection, several collections of minerals, birds, mammals, fish mollusks and fossils. Did you know that in the past there were seals in the Black Sea? Interesting…

6. Visit the National Military Museum

For those who love history, this place must be on their bucket list. The museum covers all of the Romanian military history from the early days (World War I and World War II) until the Cold War and the situation today.

Tip: National Military Museum is the largest institution of its kind in Romania and was established by decree of King Ferdinand I.


7. Walk through the Macca Villacrosse Passage (Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse)

If you like to take photos you can “get lost” in this place to capture its uniqueness. This passage looks alike Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The passage still retains the flavor of the interwar period, being one of the most beautiful gateway to the historic city.

Tip: Currently, the passage hosts downstairs restaurants, including an Egyptian-themed restaurant, tailoring workshops, a wine bar, stores and so much more, so you can enjoy a little time there.

8. Visit the newest bookstore Carturesti Carousel

Since your trip came to an end, unfortunately, it’s time to take a souvenir. It’s a perfect place too if you’re a souvenir seeker. Maybe take some books about Romania or a photo album alongside a jar of traditional homemade jam or a local wine.

Tip: If you enter in this Heavenly place it is impossible to get out empty-handed and not to spend here a few hours. After it lures you inside, here you can have lunch in a glasshouse at Bistro Carousel.

Now you can start exploring on your own the coquettish, stylish, full of history Bucharest and tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I’m excited to read your comments :)

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