What to do in Timisoara | A full guide for your visit here

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Hi everyone! I’ve missed you. Sadly this will be the last article from the Travel Tips marathon. But let the sadness aside, this week we’ll see […]

Hi everyone! I’ve missed you. Sadly this will be the last article from the Travel Tips marathon. But let the sadness aside, this week we’ll see new fun and interesting things to do in Timisoara. Don’t you worry about a thing, you’ll find all about this destination.

Timisoara is located in the western Romania, near Serbia. Timisoara is known as “Little Vienna” because of the rich cultural life, the historic remains and buildings dating from the 18th century. Huniade Castle is the oldest one, built between 1443 and 1447. If you’re curios you can visit its historical museum. Timisoara was the first European city to introduce the horse-drawn trams (in 1869). Now that you started to know a little bit the city maybe it’s a good time to see what to do in Timisoara.

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Find out what is the best way to spend your time in Timisoara:

1. Visit the zoo. Even though it is a small zoo, here you can spot lots of animals from Europe, Australia, South America and Africa like: deer, bear, black swan, dwarf kangaroo, emu bird, monkeys, guanaco, ponies, hinds, wildcats, ducks, reindeer, ostrich, peacocks, goats, wild pigs. It is a fun place to spend with kids and no only.

what to do in timisoara - zoo
Photo by Dani Szarvak

Tip: Bring some food because you can feed the goats, they are so friendly and come really close to you if you give them food. Besides, if you come with kids they, have a special park where they can play.

2. Watch the European Festival of Performing Arts. It is the biggest festival of literature and arts organised yearly. There are concerts, dance, theatre, film, all kind of workshops si many more art events.

Tip: Each year the festival is giving the chance to the audience the joy of witnessing outstanding theatrical performances that should not be missed.

3. Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the most valuable buildings in town. If you like the monastic settlements, you must place this church on your bucket list.

What to do in Timisoara - metropolitan cathedralTip: Take a moment to see the beautifully painted icons inside the Cathedral. In the Cathedral is a collection of old religious art from Banat and a valuable collection of icons.

4. Relax at ”La Capite” Restaurant, a unique location for “leisure” in a summer garden with bales of straw, only good for relaxing on a hot day. Lime trees, plane trees and oaks give the necessary shade in a sunny summer day.

Tip: Every week here are held concerts, especially rock bands, jazz, alternative rock or pop.  It is perfect to enjoy the old school atmosphere, given by the menu, too (bread with lard, paprika and onions).

5. Participate at Timishort Film Festival and see the best in short films. There is a short film competition, but there are also features screened at the Gala Screenings. The team has always promoted the top festival film authors, especially the national and / or international premieres.

Tip: You can participate in the non-competitive sections dedicated to the wide audience. Plus you get to meet with film authors and industry professionals.

6. Take a tour of the Beer Factory. Timisoreana brewery is the first brewery in Romania, founded in 1718, and parts of the old factory are still preserved today. Here in the garden factory, in November 1847, Austrian composer Johann Strauss son, along with his orchestra, gave a concert in which he played famous waltzes – The Blue Danube, Artist’s Life, Vienna Blood and Wine, Women and Song. It was the first concert of Johann Strauss son, outside Vienna. In the tour, you can see lots of interesting things, like how is beer processed or what are the difference between simple, caramel and black malt.

what to do in timisoara - beer factory
Photo by Andreea Ciobanu

Tip: Near the factory, there is the restaurant La Fabrica din Timisoara and you can enjoy a beer and some free time.

7. Take a walk in Roses Park during Spring time. Located in the centre of the city, the Rose Park is one of the main attraction of Timisoara. The fame of Timisoara as the rose city is largely due to this park.

what to do in timisoara - rose park
Photo by Redsky2010